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Select suitable dates

This image shows a woman standing in front of a phone with the calendar open. The first step in organizing a meeting, party or event is to select dates that suit you.

Add guests

This image depicts a woman and two men standing together. The second step of organizing a meeting, party, or event is to invite your friends or colleagues.

Create polls

This image depicts a woman drawing graphs and charts on a whiteboard. The third step of organizing a meeting, party, or event is to create polls and ask questions of the people you are inviting.

Have all your plans under control

This image shows a woman floating in the air in Nirvana, with a phone and office tools flying around her. By using KVA Plan you have no stress, and you are in full control over your plans.

What is the KVA Plan?

The KVA Plan is a service that helps you safely and efficiently organize any type of event, business meeting, party or other gathering. In just three simple steps, you can select dates, create polls, and invite your friends and co-workers to your event.

No more calls and emails back and forth! Choosing the right date and planning the other details of a gathering have never been so simple. All users on the invite list can pick alternate dates that suit them. The organizer can then select the option that best suits everyone using one very simple interface.

Say hello to the service that will change your life!