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The KVA Plan was developed by KOVVK HB.

We have just launched; there are no big companies standing behind us, and we didn't win any grand prizes. At the current moment, there is little to write about us and we are just starting to make our history.

As such, I want to explain what KOVVK is.

My name is Klim Kouznetsov. I am the founder of the KOVVK company and the only person working here.

It took me over a year to outline the KVA Plan concept, make a design, write all the code, set up the IT infrastructure and register a company with all the required services. I used my personal savings in order to cover the expenses.

At some point I tried to run a crowd-funding campaign to help us raise some money, but it didn’t go well. So, I continued to do all the work myself.

That is why it took me so long to do all the work.

For me, it is very important to create a service that will easily help people in their everyday lives.

I made this service for each of you. I will listen to your opinion and constantly make improvements based on your feedback.

Thank you for using the KVA Plan!

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Email questions related to payments to:
If you have any technical problems, then you can contact us at
You can ask any other questions by mailing us at

Our address:

Imatragatan 83, 16478
Stockholm, Sweden