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The KVA Plan is an online service that helps to plan any type of a meeting or event, such a a party with friends, a business meeting with colleagues or a get-together with your family members. Meeting with others has never been so simple!

The KVA Plan is available as a web service, but also as a mobile application for both iPhone and Android.

Currently, the KVA Plan is translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Armenian, German, Italian, French and Hindi. We are constantly striving to translate our service into more languages. If your language is not available yet, then stay tuned for announcements about upcoming language support.

The KVA Plan is available internationally but also locally, such as in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Russia, China, Japan and India. You can find regional pages in a region selection page in the bottom of the webpage.

We call the invitations that you send out, a “Plan,” and each invitee, a “Guest.”

To organize a meeting is very easy. It takes just four simple steps:

1. Fill in the basic information, including who you are, what your plan is called, the location where you want to meet your guests, and upload a banner for your plan.
2. Select dates from which your guests can choose. Guests will then indicate the dates that suit them and select when your plan should expire.
3. Add polls if you want.
4. Add guests whom you want to invite to your plan.
That is it! Simple!

If you register, you will unlock many great features, such as:

- You can change your nickname that will be visible across all plans that you have created and you were invited to.
- You can upload your profile picture that will be visible across all plans.
- You will see all the plans that you have created or been invited to.
- You will see which plans happen in the near future, as a reminder about them.
- And you will have a convenient calendar, where you can see what plans will be on what date.

If you need any help, or have questions or suggestions, you can always find relevant contacts on our about us page .

Optional functions: plan location, plan banner, polls.
Functions that require a subscription: to create polls and to change the date when a plan expires.
Other limitation: without a subscription, you are allowed to have only one created plan at a time. You can always delete the one you have already created in order to create a new one.